Longspine Squirrelfish (Holocentrus rufus)

Also known as Miss Darlington, Rufus Squirrelfish, Wrenchman


Also known as Miss Darlington, Rufus Squirrelfish, Wrenchman.

Found singly or in small schools, close to caves and crevices during the day, dispersing at night hunting for food, over seagrass beds and sandy areas, of clearwater reefs.
They feed nocturnally on hard shell invertebrates.
Length - 26cm
Depth - 0-30m
Widespread Western Atlantic, Caribbean

Soldierfish are nocturnal hunters feeding in the water column on zooplankton. During the day they often congregate close to reefs and in caves, sometimes found upside down in caves.
They can often be heard by divers with their pops, grunts and clicks.
Their colour can change greatly in different lights and if threatened.
Some soldierfish have venomous spines. Ref: https://www.fishbase.se/summary/1062


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