Key Worm Eel (Ahlia egmontis)

Also known as Worm Eel


Also known as Worm Eel.

Found singly sometimes buried in the substrate with just the head showing or more often hiding during the day over rubble, sand and seagrass beds of bays, mangroves and offshore reefs.
They feed nocturnally on crustaceans and small fish.
Length - 43cm
Depth - 0-37m
Widespread Northwest Atlantic, Western Atlantic, Caribbean

Snake Eels resemble snakes or worms because they have virtually no fins. Their pointed snouts and tails allow them to burrow beneath the sand.
They can usually be found with just their head showing above the sand waiting for their prey, a few species prowl around the sands at night. Some mimic banded sea snakes and can be found in the open during the day. Ref:


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