Green Sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus)

Also known as Blue Sunfish


Also known as Blue Sunfish.

Found close to vegetation, over murky, sluggish waters of quiet backwater creeks, lakes, ponds, pools and streams.
They feed on fish, insects and benthic invertebrates.
Length - 30cm
Depth - ?m
Widespread North America

Sunfish have been introduced into many areas outside of where they originally came from, Europe being one place, mainly for sport fishing! Ref:

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Heads up! Many creatures change during their life. Juvenile fish become adults and some change shape or their colour. Some species change sex and others just get older. The following creature(s) are known relatives of the Green Sunfish. Click the image(s) to explore further or hover over to get a better view!

Green Sunfish (Juvenile)

Green Sunfish (Juvenile)

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