Coral Gardens (Coral Gardens)

Also known as Coral Gardens


A Coral polyp is an animal, it consumes food, does not require light and so does not have to live near the surface. However they are able to be shallow-water reef builders, and food suppliers for fish, because of tiny symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae, which live inside the polyp.
These algae convert by photosynthesis, dissolved seawater carbon and phosphate into oxygen and various food stuffs like sugar and amino acids. The polyp is able to use the foodstuffs and in so doing excrete its waste products of Carbon dioxide and ammonia. The algae in turn utilises these and produces fresh supplies of oxygen.
The algae need light for photosynthesis, hence the best diving is to be had from about 30m and up where the food chain is most prolific.
The algae also help the conversion of calcium (from sea water) and carbon dioxide (from the polyp) to Calcium carbonate (limestone) which is the principal ingredient of the coral reef.

Just some fun pic's of coral gardens.
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    There have been 4 major climatic changes over the eons of time, and after each disaster the reef community bounced back with even more diverse species. Temperature change affects coral but they seem to be able to adapt to that change as do their inhabitants. food for thought as we warm up, as i have commented in the Gan picture damage and change appear to bear fruits later, a bit like forest fires in Yellowstone.!!

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