Clown Triggerfish (Juvenile) (Balistoides conspicillum)

Also known as Clown Trigger, Big-spotted Triggerfish, Crossbow Clownfish.


Also known as Clown Trigger, Big-spotted Triggerfish and Crossbow Clownfish.

Found singly on coral reefs in clear coastal to outer reef habitats and seaward reefs near steep drop-off's.
Juveniles found in caves and close to shelter.
It has strong jaws which can be used to crush and eat sea urchins, crustaceans and hard-shelled molluscs.
They feed on a wide range of food items, including live coral, algae, sea urchins, crabs, molluscs and other invertebrate groups as well as fish and sea squirts.
Length - 35cm
Depth - 2-30m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

This fish has a form of camouflage that is similar to counter shading. From below the white spots blend in with the surface of the water. From above the fish will blend with the coral reef environment below.

Triggerfish have a hard spine Dorsal Fin that can be locked.
When sleeping this spine is used to wedge them into place in a crevasse and so deter predators from pulling them out of their bed!
The spine is also held erect as a warning to other fish to stay away.
Several large Titans blow shallow depressions in the sand for nesting and if approached will raise this spine as a warning, if ignored they may charge, even divers! especially the Titan Triggerfish who will take a tasty bite!! Beware!!!

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