Carpet Corallimorph (Rhodactis rhodostoma)

Also known as Carpet Discosoma, Zoantharia


Also known as Carpet Discosoma, Zoantharia.

Found over rubble areas on coral and rocky reefs. This is a very aggressive zoantharid that covers large areas.
They feed on plankton.
Length - Creeping
Depth - 5-20m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Discosomatidae Similar to sea anemones, (a cross between a stony coral and an anemone, looks like an anemone but has no skeleton!) but are flat, have short club-tipped tentacles or multiple branched fringing tentacles.
They are adept at taking over large areas of reef.
They have a very potent sting, when disturbed can shoot out stinging threads that have been known to sting through a lycra suit! (edit) Ref:


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