Caesar Grunt (Haemulon carbonarium)

Also known as Black Grunt, Blacktail, Blacktail Grunt, French Grunt


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Also known as Black Grunt, Blacktail, Blacktail Grunt, French Grunt.

Found singly or in schools, during the day close to shelter of mangroves, coral and rocky reefs, dispersing at night foraging for food, over clear water reefs.
They feed nocturnally on crabs, molluscs, starfish, and worms.
Length - 36cm
Depth - 3-25m
Widespread Western Atlantic, Caribbean

In some areas of the world 'Grunts' are better known as 'Sweetlips' distinguished from other species by their very large rubbery lips.
'Grunts'because they "grunt," the grunting sound is produced by their flat teeth plates rubbing together and this is amplified by their air bladders.
Found either singly or in schools hovering or motionless over the reef during the day, becoming nocturnal predators. Ref:

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Caesar Grunt (Juvenile)

Caesar Grunt (Juvenile)

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