Arthritic Spider Shell (Lambis chiragra arthritica)

Also known as Arthritic Spider Conch and Spider Shell


Also known as Arthritic Spider Conch and Spider Shell.

Found in rubble areas and hard bottoms of dead coral reefs.
Juveniles do not have the appendages of the adult shells.
They feed on algae, sponges, worms, molluscs and fish amongst other things.
Length - 15cm
Depth - 8-25m
Widespread Indo Pacific

Stomboids are a small group of sea snails, commonly found in tropical waters. Usually identified by their large stalked eyes. Their shells are often dull on the outside but can be bright inside.
Stromboids are edible and in some areas are regarded as a delicacy.


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    The Arthritic Spider Conch is not restricted to the Western Indian Ocean - it is found further east as far as the Philippines. The "Rugose" Spider Conch is not another name for this species - the Rugose Spider Conch (as per Sowerby, 1842) is found from the middle of the Coral Sea east to French Polynesia, and may be a hybrid between the Arthritic and Chiragra Spider Conches.

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