Andover Lionfish (Pterois andover)

Also known as Lionfish, Firefish, Turkeyfish, Zebrafish


Also known as Lionfish, Firefish, Turkeyfish, Zebrafish.

Found singly, or in family groups, hiding during the day facing inwards in crevices, and under rocks, of coral formations, foraging for food at night over soft mud and sand bottoms, sometimes close to freshwater discharge.
They feed nocturnally on crustaceans and small fish.
Length - 23cm
Depth - 3-70m
Widespread Western Pacific

Lionfish can be found during the day, hovering above the ground, in caves or crevices, often upside down. At night they are out in the open hunting.
When disturbed they raise their feathery fins as a warning and will usually move off out of harms way, however, if cornered they are able to charge at considerable speed.
Their beautiful feathery pectoral and Dorsal Fins are highly venomous. Ref:


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