Threadfin Sand Diver

Scientific Name:

Trichonotus elegans


Sand Divers (Trichonotidae)

Other names:

Long-rayed Sand Diver and Elegant Sand Diver.

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Also known as Long-rayed Sand Diver and Elegant Sand Diver.

Found in loose groups over sandy areas with a slow tidal current.
They feed on zooplankton.
Length - 18cm
Depth - 2-40m
Widespread West Pacific

Sand Divers get their name because when alarmed or predators are near, they dive into the sand and swim through the sand to safety.
Males displaying filaments in the Dorsal Fin, which they use to keep the females and juveniles following close behind.

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Fishy Stats

Length: 18cm
Depth: 2-40m
Found: West Pacific
Eats: Zooplankton
Family: Sand Divers
Species: Trichonotidae

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