Spiny Waspfish

Scientific Name:

Ablabys macracanthus


Waspfishes (Tetrarogidae)

Other names:

Spiny Leaf-Fish, Spiny Cockatoo Waspfish, Spiny Cockatoo.

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Also known as Spiny Leaf-Fish, Spiny Cockatoo Waspfish and Spiny Cockatoo.

Laterally compressed body, high sail like Dorsal Fin.
Often rocks from side to side as a leaf would in a surge zone.
Found singly or in pairs on coastal sand and mud flats adjacent to deep water.
They feed nocturnally on smaller fish and invertebrates.
Length - 18cm
Depth - 10-50m
Western Indo-Pacific

Waspfish can be distinguished from the Leaf Fish that belongs to the Scorpionfish family, by the Dorsal Fins that begin above or in the front of the eyes.
Most species sway back and forth to mimic debris as they wait for their victims to venture close.
Extremely venomous.

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Fishy Stats

Length: 18cm
Depth: 10-50m
Found: Western Indo-Pacific
Eats: Fish and invertebrates
Family: Waspfishes
Species: Tetrarogidae

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