Sharptail Eel

Scientific Name:

Myrichthys breviceps


Eels (Ophichthidae)

Other names:

Snake Eels and Sharptail Snake Eel

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Also known as Snake Eels and Sharptail Snake Eel.

Found singly over seagrass areas and rocky rubble reefs, usually hiding during the day but occasionally emerges to feed both day and night.
They feed on fish and invertebrates.
Length - 1m
Depth - 1-15m
Widespread Western Atlantic & Caribbean

Snake Eels resemble snakes or worms because they have virtually no fins. Their pointed snouts and tails allow them to burrow beneath the sand.
They can usually be found with just their head showing above the sand waiting for their prey, a few species prowl around the sands at night. Some mimic banded sea snakes and can be found in the open during the day.

3/12/2014 Diving Davis Bay St Croix observed 3ft sharptail eel daylight completely in open coral at 35ft Followed for several minute before it completely dissapeared into hole

13. Mar. 2014

We spotted a sharptail eel whilst snorkeling in around 12 feet of water at Saint Eustatius. Around three feet long and an inch in diameter at its biggest girth, it was swimming in between stones near a natural reef by the harbour area. Time of day around 1500 hrs.

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Richard Boudier
24. Aug. 2013

In Cayman Brac, we have a very large sea pool cut out of the ironshore on the NW coast of the island. In recent months, 3 Pointed Tail Eels have been observed frequently along the coral rubble bottom. 1 resident observer stated they have been known to inhabit the area for almost 2 years. 2 are about 18-20" in length & been seen hunting together. Another seen 17 Aug 2013 was much larger, aprox 30" long. The dorsal fin when lifted up has an iridescent white line at its crest.

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Kathleen Bodden-Harris
19. Aug. 2013

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Fishy Stats

Length: 1m
Depth: 1-15m
Found: Western Atlantic & Caribbean
Eats: Fish and invertebrates
Family: Eels
Species: Ophichthidae

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