Gray Snapper

Scientific Name:

Lutjanus griseus


Snappers (Lutjanidae)

Other names:

Mangrove Snapper and Black Snapper

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Also known as Mangrove Snapper and Black Snapper.

Found singly or in small schools drifting in the shade of large corals heads, under docks and in mangrove areas.
Juveniles found in shallow bays and mangrove lagoons.
Colour varies from silvery grey to copper sometimes displaying a bar pattern on the back.
They feed on fish and crustaceans.
Length - 40cm
Depth - 1-20m
Widespread Western Atlantic & Caribbean

Most Snappers live in moderate depths, however there are a few that live much deeper. Juveniles found on inshore reefs.
They are nocturnal predators that mainly feed on fish, but will eat crustaceans, gastropods and cephalopods.
Some smaller family members eat zooplankton.

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Fishy Stats

Length: 40cm
Depth: 1-20m
Found: Western Atlantic & Caribbean
Eats: Fish and crustaceans
Family: Snappers
Species: Lutjanidae

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