Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator)

Also known as Emperor Angel, Imperator Angelfish, Imperator Angel, Imperial Angelfish


Also known as Emperor Angel, Imperator Angelfish, Imperator Angel and Imperial Angelfish.

Found singly or in pairs in clear waters rich in coral growth in caves along ledges and channels of seaward reefs.
Juveniles in protected areas of exposed channels and outer reefs.
They feed on sponges, tunicates and encrusting organisms.
Length - 38cm
Depth - 6-60m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Angelfish are usually brightly coloured with highly compressed bodies.
Some live in "harems" others in pairs, they can be highly territorial and make a loud drumming sound when alarmed.

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Emperor Angelfish (Juvenile )

Emperor Angelfish (Juvenile )

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  1. Posted by @greatwhite
    July 09, 2010 at 22:15 pm - 1 person found this useful.

    This fish appears to be a FULL grown adult. All the lines are complete with no forking or breaks. compare to the others shown here, although the pics are not fantastic they all represent a slightly different age. with a few more pictures we should be able to tell just how old they are, so please keep adding.

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