Bullethead Parrotfish

Scientific Name:

Chlorurus sordidus


Parrotfishes (Scaridae)

Other names:

Scarus sordidus, Bullet-headed Parrotfish, Bullhead Parrotfish, Shabby Parrotfish, Daisy Parrotfish, Garnet Red Parrotfish.

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Also known as Scarus sordidus, Bullet-headed Parrotfish, Bullhead Parrotfish, Shabby Parrotfish, Daisy Parrotfish and Garnet Red Parrotfish.

Found in small schools in shallow lagoons on sea grass beds.
These fish grow into beautifully coloured males and drab females.
They feed on filamentous algae.
Length - 40cm
Depth - 3-30m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Parrotfish are hermaphrodites and live in harems with a dominant male. They are not territorial and live in harmony with other species, often found feeding together.
They have teeth that are fused into powerful beaks which are used for grabbing filamentous algae from dead coral, often found feeding in a cloud of sediment.
They are brightly coloured and change dramatically from juvenile to adult.
At night Parrotfish make sleeping bags out of slimy bubbles for protection against predators.

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Fishy Stats

Length: 40cm
Depth: 3-30m
Found: Indo-Pacific
Eats: Algae
Family: Parrotfishes
Species: Scaridae

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