Blue-spotted Cornetfish

Scientific Name:

Fistularia tabacaria


Cornetfishes (Fistulariidae)

Other names:

Cornetfish, Flutemouth, Tobbaco Trumpetfish, Tobacco Pipefish, Unarmed Trumpetfish.

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Also known as Cornetfish, Flutemouth, Tobbaco Trumpetfish, Tobacco Pipefish and Unarmed Trumpetfish.

Found singly or in small groups in protected areas.
They feed almost exclusively on small schooling reef fishes.
Length - 2m
Depth - 0-200m
Widespread Tropical Atlantic Ocean

Cornetfish swim near the bottom above sand or rubble areas and near reefs during the day, can often be seen in small groups at night in shallow protected areas, these fish are often found hovering close to another fish for protection and for hunting..
They change their colouring to match their surroundings.

Cyprus is full of these. We call them ''trombetes'' or "pithkiavli" which mean flute (the musical instrumen) due to their appearance.

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05. Aug. 2013

Just saw one on the shore of Hallandale Beach, FL. It changed from light to dark while we were watching it.

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17. Feb. 2013

Just had one wash up on the shore of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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03. Dec. 2012

I've see lots of these cornetfish when I was snorkeling in Cyprus. Took me some time to identify them because the locals and the sub aqua centres did not seem to have seem/noticed them. They are not listed as a Mediterraen fish but they are definately their. They sort of pulsate different colours to match the seabed a bit octopus like.

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05. Sep. 2012

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Fishy Stats

Length: 2m
Depth: 0-200m
Found: Tropical Atlantic Ocean
Eats: Fish
Family: Cornetfishes
Species: Fistulariidae

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