Barred Flagtail

Scientific Name:

Kuhlia mugil


Flagtails (Kuhliidae)

Other names:

Flagtail, Fiveband Flagtail, Fivebar Flagtail, Ocean Flagfish.

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Also known as Flagtail, Fiveband Flagtail, Fivebar Flagtail and Ocean Flagfish.

Found in schools often in rocky surf zones swimming slowly over sand in a stop start motion while searching for small invertebrates, mainly of free swimming crustaceans namely, megalopa crab larvae, mantis shrimps and krill.
They feed on small invertebrates.
Length - 24cm
Depth - 0-12m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Inquisitive and will readily accept food from divers.

Deep bodied fish with huge expandable mouths. The distinctive characteristic of these fish is a scaly sheath around the dorsal and Anal Fins. The Dorsal Fin is deeply notched between the 10 spines and the 9-13 soft rays. The opercle has two spines, and the Anal Fin three. Their bodies are compressed and silvery, and they tend to be small, growing to 50 cm at most.
Ref: Two Oceans, GM Branch et al.

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Fishy Stats

Length: 50cm
Depth: 0-18m
Found: Indo-Pacific
Eats: Invertebrates
Family: Flagtails
Species: Kuhliidae

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