Red Goatfish

Scientific Name:

Mulloidichthys pflugeri


Goatfishes (Mullidae)

Other names:

Mulloidichthys pfluger, Pfluger's Goatfish, Orange Goatfish.

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Also known as Mulloidichthys pfluger, Pfluger's Goatfish and Orange Goatfish.

Found singly or in pairs on sand flats of coral reefs.
Bars on side of fish fade when not feeding.
They feed on small fish and invertebrates.
Length - 48cm
Depth - 15-110m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Goatfish have two barbels extending form the chin, these are used to probe the sand for food such as worms, brittle stars, crustaceans and small fish.
They often have other fish in tow which hoover up any creatures left behind.

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Fishy Stats

Length: 48cm
Depth: 15-110m
Found: Indo-Pacific
Eats: Fish and invertebrates.
Family: Goatfishes
Species: Mullidae

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