Barrier Reef Anemonefish

Scientific Name:

Amphiprion akindynos


Anemonefishes (Pomacentridae)

Other names:

Great Barrier Reef Anemonefish, Akindynos Clownfish, Brown Anemonefish, White-tailed Anemonefish.

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Also known as Great Barrier Reef Anemonefish, Akindynos Clownfish, Brown Anemonefish and White-tailed Anemonefish.

Found in pairs or families in shallow waters of lagoons and outer reefs with an anemone.
They feed on zooplankton and algae.
Length - 11.5cm
Depth - 3-25m
Widespread Southwestern Pacific

This Anemonefish is known to live with the host anemones:-
Heteractis magnifica - Magnificent Sea Anemone.
Heteractis crispa - Leathery Sea Anemone
Heteractis aurora - Beaded Anemone
Stichodactyla mertensii - Merten's Carpet Anemone
Stichodactyla haddoni - Haddon's Anemone
Entacmaea quadricolor - Bulb-tentacle Sea Anemone

Anemonefish are specialised damselfish and live a symbiotic relationship with various anemones. Some anemonefish will only be found with one type of anemone, but others can live with many types.
They are rarely found very far away from an anemone. (edit)

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Fishy Stats

Length: 11.5cm
Depth: 3-25m
Found: Southwestern Pacific
Eats: Zooplankton and algae
Family: Anemonefishes
Species: Pomacentridae

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