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Crabs algae anemone Angelfishes Anthias Ascidians bandit-mask bands bars big-mouth Bigeyes black black-face black-line black-outline black-ring black-saddle-spot black-spot black-spots Blennies blue blue-eyes blue-fin-outline blue-spots blue-spots-lines blue-stripe blue-tail Boxfishes branches bristles brown brown-spots brown-stripe Cales and Weed-whitings Cardinalfishes Carps & Minnows Chitons Cichlids cirri coiled Crabs cream cushion Cuttlefishes Damselfishes dashes Dottybacks Dragonets Eel-tailed Catfishes Eels eggs Emperors eye-spots eye-stalks eye-stripes False Scorpionfish feet Filefishes fin-stripes flat Flatheads Flounders frilly frilly-edge fringe Frogfishes furry geometric Ghostpipefishes Goatfishes Gobies gold gray green green mottled grey Grinners Groupers Guitarfish hairy Hawkfishes head-showing head-spike Hermit Crabs honeycomb horns hump-head iridescent Jacks & Pompanos Jawfishes juvenile Killifishes lacy-fins lightening lines Lizardfishes Loaches Lobsters LUNCH Mantis Shrimps maroon Mojarras mottled mouth-barbels nodules occelated spots ocellated-spot Octopuses olive orange orange-spots Parrotfishes patches patterned pink Pipefishes Porcupinefishes Porgies Pricklebacks Pufferfishes purple Rabbitfishes Ragfishes Rainbowfishes red ridges ring Rockfishes, Rockcods and Thornyheads saddles sailfin Sandperches Scaly Blennies Scorpionfishes Sea Anemones Sea Cucumbers Sea Ravens Sea Robins Sea Slugs Sea Snails Sea stars Sea Urchins Seahorses seaweed Sharks Shrimps Sieve silver skin-tags Snappers Soapfishes Soles speckled speckles spikes spines Sponges spot spots star Stargazers starry-eye stick Sticklebacks and tubesnouts stone Stonefishes Stony Corals stripe stripe-tail stripes Surgeonfishes Sweetlips tags tassels teats Temperate Perch tentacles Toadfishes Torpedo Rays transparent Triplefins Tripletails Tripodfishes Turtles ugly warts Whales white white spots white-fin white-lines white-margin white-spots wings Wobbegongs Wrasses yellow yellow-eye yellow-fins yellow-lips yellow-outline yellow-spots yellow-tail
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